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Code Source MOA
1 FRAC Methyl benzimidazole carbamates
1 IRAC Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors
10 IRAC Mite growth inhibitors
10 FRAC N-phenyl carbamates
11 FRAC Quinone outside inhibitors (QoI)
11 IRAC Microbial disruptors of insect midgut membranes
12 IRAC Inhibitors of mitochondrial ATP synthase
12 FRAC Phenylpyrroles
13 FRAC Azanaphthalenes
13 IRAC Uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation via disruption of the proton gradient
14 FRAC Aromatic hydrocarbons and heteroaromatics
14 IRAC Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor channel blockers
15 IRAC Inhibitors of chitin biosynthesis, type 0
16 IRAC Inhibitors of chitin biosynthesis, type 1
16.1 FRAC Melanin biosynthesis inhibitors - reductase (MBI-R)
16.2 FRAC Melanin biosynthesis inhibitors - dehydratase (MBI-D)
17 FRAC Keto-reductase inhibitors - SBI: Class III
17 IRAC Moulting disruptor, dipteran
18 IRAC Ecdysone receptor agonists
18 FRAC Thiocarbamates - SBI: Class IV
19 IRAC Octopamine receptor agonists
19 FRAC Polyoxins
2 FRAC Dicarboximides
2 IRAC GABA-gated chloride channel blockers
20 IRAC Mitochondrial complex III electron transport inhibitors
20 FRAC Phenylureas
21 IRAC Mitochondrial complex I electron transport inhibitors
21 FRAC Quinone inside inhibitors (QiI)
22 FRAC Benzamides (toluamides) and thiazole carboxamide
22 IRAC Voltage-dependent sodium channel blockers
23 IRAC Inhibitors of acetyl CoA carboxylase
23 FRAC Enopyranuronic acid antibiotic
24 FRAC Hexopyranosyl antibiotic
24 IRAC Mitochondrial complex IV electron transport inhibitors
25 FRAC Glucopyranosyl antibiotic
25 IRAC Mitochondrial complex II electron transport inhibitors
26 FRAC Glucopyranosyl antibiotic (formerly)
27 FRAC Cyanoacetamideoxime
28 IRAC Ryanodine receptor modulators
28 FRAC Carbamates
29 FRAC Uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation
29 IRAC Chordotonal organ modulators - undefined target site
3 FRAC Demethylation inhibitors
3 IRAC Sodium channel modulators
30 FRAC Organotin compounds
31 FRAC Carboxylic acids
32 FRAC Heteroaromatics
33 FRAC Phosphonates (see Group P7)
34 FRAC Phthalamic acids
35 FRAC Benzotriazines
37 FRAC Pyridazinones
38 FRAC Thiophenecarboxamides
39 FRAC Pyrimidinamines
4 FRAC Phenylamides
4 IRAC Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor competitive modulators
40 FRAC Carboxylic acid amides
41 FRAC Tetracycline antibiotic
42 FRAC Thiocarbamate
43 FRAC Benzamides (pyridinylmethylbenzamides)
44 FRAC Microbial
45 FRAC Quinone outside inhibitor, stigmatellin binding type (QoSI)
46 FRAC Cell membrane disruption (proposed) - plant extract
48 FRAC Polyene - antifungal antibiotic
49 FRAC OSBPI - oxysterol binding protein homologue inhibition
5 IRAC Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor allosteric modulators
5 FRAC Amines (morpholines) - SBI: Class II
50 FRAC Arylphenyl ketones
6 IRAC Glutamate-gated chloride channel allosteric modulators
6 FRAC Phosphorothiolates and dithiolanes
7 IRAC Juvenile hormone mimics
7 FRAC Succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors
8 FRAC Hydroxy-(2-amino-)pyrimidines
8 IRAC Misc non-specific (multi-site) inhibitors
9 FRAC Anilinopyrimidines
9 IRAC Chordotonal organ TRPV channel modultators
A HRAC ACCase lipid synthesis inhibitors
B HRAC ALS inhibitors
BM1 FRAC Polypeptide (from plant extract) - biologicals with multiple MOAs
BM2 FRAC Microbials - biologicals with multiple MOAs
C1 HRAC Photosystem II (site A) inhibitors (triazines and others)
C2 HRAC Photosystem II (site A) inhibitors (ureas and amides)
C3 HRAC Photosystem II (site B) inhibitors (nitriles and others)
D HRAC PS1 electron diversion (bipyridyliums)
E HRAC PPO inhibitors
F1 HRAC PDS inhibitors
F2 HRAC 4-HPPD inhibitors
F3 HRAC Carotenoid biosynthesis inhibitors - unknown target (triazoles, ureas, isoxazolidiones)
F4 HRAC DOXP synthase inhibitor
G HRAC EPSP synthase inhibitors (glycines)
H HRAC Glutamine synthetase inhibitors
I HRAC DHP inhibitors
K1 HRAC Mitosis inhibitors - microtubule assembly inhibitors (dinitroanilines and others)
K2 HRAC Mitosis inhibitors - microtubule organization inhibitors (carbamates and others)
K3 HRAC Mitosis inhibitors - very long chain fatty acid inhibitors (chloracetamides and others)
L HRAC Cellulose synthesis inhibitors
M HRAC Uncouplers - membrane disruptors
M1 FRAC Inorganic (electrophiles)
M12 FRAC Thiocarbamate (electrophiles)
M2 FRAC Inorganic
M3 FRAC Dithiocarbamates and relatives (electrophiles)
M4 FRAC Phthalimides (electrophiles)
M5 FRAC Chloronitriles (phthalonitriles)
M6 FRAC Sulfamides
M7 FRAC Bis-guanidines
M8 FRAC Triazines
M9 FRAC Quinones (anthraquinones)
N HRAC Non-ACCase lipid synthesis inhibitors (thiocarbamates and others)
NC FRAC Not classified
O HRAC Synthetic auxins
P HRAC Auxin transport inhibitors
P1 FRAC Host plant defense induction - salicylate-related (benzothiadiazole)
P2 FRAC Host plant defense induction - salicylate-related (benzisothiazole)
P4 FRAC Host plant defense induction - polysaccharide elicitors (natural compound)
P5 FRAC Host plant defense induction - anthraquinone elicitors (plant extract)
P6 FRAC Host plant defense induction - microbial elicitors (microbial)
P7 FRAC Host plant defense induction - phosphonates
U12 FRAC Cell membrane disruption (proposed) - guanidines
U13 FRAC Thiazolidine
U15 FRAC Piperidinyl-thiazole-isoxazolinones (see Group 49)
U5 FRAC Thiazole carboxamide (formerly)
U6 FRAC Phenylacetamide
UN IRAC Compounds of unknown or uncertain MOA
Z HRAC Pyrazoliums
Z HRAC Unknown
Z HRAC Organoarsenicals
Z. HRAC Unknown (arylaminopropionic acids)

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