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AE AEROSOL Sprays, foggers, or foam sold in pressurized containers.
BA BAIT Slug/snail baits, rodent baits, ant/cockroach baits, and most homeowner termite products.
CO COATING Includes paints, salves, skin lotions, animal dips, and gels.
DE DEVICE Includes cattle ear tags, metering devices, traps, electronic devices, dispensers (not impregnated material), and tree injectors.
DU DUST Powders applied to crops or sites in dry form. Also, includes tracking powders and flea powders.
FA FEED ADDITIVE Feed or mineral additives for livestock food. Includes such items as insecticides added to poultry feed to control insects in manure.
FE FERTILIZER Weed and feed products, where a herbicide is mixed with a fertilizer. Includes protect-and-feed products, such as insecticides and fungicides.
FO FLOWABLE A wettable powder suspended in liquid or oil.
FG FUMIGANT GAS Gas, vapor, or smoke intended to destroy pests.
FL FUMIGANT LIQUID A liquid that produces a gas, vapor, or smoke to destroy pests.
FS FUMIGANT SOLID A solid that produces a gas, vapor, or smoke to destroy pests. Includes crystals, pellets, tablets, and mothballs and/or cakes.
GR GRANULE Includes crystals, pellets, and tablets.
IM IMPREG MATERIAL Includes no-pest strips, treated shelf paper, pet collars, cattle bolus, towelettes, zinc roof cap, pre-packaged treated bird food, and pheromone dispensers.
LI LIQUID Includes concentrates, emulsive concentrates, soluble concentrates, ULV (ultra low volume) formulations, oil combined with other active ingredients, and solutions.
OI OIL The sole active ingredient.
SR SLOW RELEASE Includes formulations used as a slow release spray.
SM SMOKE Citronella candles, smoke bombs, and coils.
SO SOAP Includes insecticide soaps and shampoos.
SB SOLUBLE PACKET Products packaged in water-soluble bags or packets.
SP SPRAY POWDER A dry form of wettable or soluble powder or water dispersible granules, including dry flowables.
ST STICKY MATERIAL Includes fly paper and similar adhesive surfaces.

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